Pro-Ethanol Means Being Pro-Alcohol?

So what does ethanol have to do with alcohol? Well fueling your car with ethanol is just like putting alcohol into your gas tank. Do you know why? Well after the fermentation process step in ethanol production, where sugar is converted to carbon dioxide and alcohol by yeast, the alcohol is concentrated to about 95% through fractional distillation. The fermentation process usually takes around 40-50 hours. With the ethanol at 190-proof after distillation, drinking 151 proof rum at the club barely seems daunting. But just to make sure that the ethanol producing company isn’t charged a beverage alcohol tax, 5% denaturants (additives unfit for human consumption) is added to the mixture to make it undrinkable. Smart guys!!! So it turns out that all those environmentalists that are pro-environment/pro-ethanol are actually pro-alcohol. I guess they would also be pro-corn as well since corn-based ethanol is our staple ingredient to produce ethanol. So next time you’re drinking that fire-water at the bar or eating a corn-on-the-cob at your summer BBQ, think about the correlation to the great alternative fuel we call ethanol.


One Response to Pro-Ethanol Means Being Pro-Alcohol?

  1. bumscientist says:

    When I found this out, I thought that breweries would be in the best position to produce ethanol.

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