Saving Money: Restaurants

Everyone loves eating out, but sometimes eating at restaurants gets expensive and can cut into your spending budget. With rising gasoline prices, it costs a lot just to drive to where you want to eat. If you aren’t too picky about where to eat, it is easy to dine at quality restaurants at discounted prices (while saving a bunch of money in the process) by following these tips:

1) Use to find restaurants in your area where you can purchase $25 dining certificates for only $10 or $10 dining certificates for $3. If you sign up for promotion notifications through their website, they will often e-mail coupons for 40%-60% off dining certificates. Therefore you can get $25 dining certificates for only $4-$6 and $10 dining certificates would cost a couple bucks. Be aware of the certificate stipulations that vary for every restaurant, like 18% gratuity added or minimum purchase amounts. So when you don’t know where you want to eat, try a few of the places offered through and save some money in the process.

2) Buy an Entertainment Book that contains many great coupons for your particular area, and you can view coupons on their website to determine if you could make use of any of them before purchasing a book. Aside from restaurants, there are also very good coupons for movie theaters, attractions, car washes, and groceries. If you would like to use the Entertainment Book for the rest of 2007, available 2007 Entertainment Books are only $9.99. The 2008 entertainment books are now on sale and cost between $27 and $47 depending on where you live in the US. After a few coupons are used, the Entertainment Book will literally pay for itself. Great book to use when taking anyone out, especially your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Note: make sure to check Ebay and you may get the Entertainment Books for cheaper compared to the Entertainment Book site

3) Make use of your local websites that offer discounts. I live in San Diego and use San Diego Reader or SanDiegan for some good deals on food, recreation, or attractions.

4) Check reviews on a restaurant before you decide to eat there. Regardless of how much you pay for the meal, you don’t want to go to restaurants that don’t serve any good food. I recommend using Yelp to get a consensus on whether you should try it or not. Yelp provides restaurant reviews from users and provides specific information about restaurant along with a map of nearby dining locations.

The more money that can be saved, the more you will have to invest so keep an eye out on more ways to save here at Happyinvestor!


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