Make Most of Your Money:

With gas prices consistently over $2.50/gallon here in California, it makes even more sense to buy things online instead of wasting a couple of gallons of gas and time to drive to your local mall or Best Buy (BBY). One of the most popular online retailers is (AMZN), and that can be proven with their 2.89 billion dollars in revenue during the second quarter of 2007.

Many items qualify for free shipping as long as $25 worth of eligible products are purchased at the same time. It generally doesn’t make sense to buy a $21.99 Spider Man 3 DVD and spend an extra $2.98 in shipping cost when you can get free shipping by adding another $3.01 of eligible items to your cart. While the average customer would find it too difficult to find something that costs $3.01, and wouldn’t mind paying the miniscule shipping cost, you should be aware of Simply typing in the amount that you want to fill into your Amazon order, you will get a listing of applicable items that are eligible on Amazon’s website. By doing a basic search (while unchecking the music and DVD catagories), I can get an extra small frog for $3.27 or a crystal orange jar opener for $3.49 to add to my order. You might not be able to use these items, but you can get more for your money while shopping on Amazon and use them as party favors, stocking stuffers, or find someone who would appreciate it more than you.


One Response to Make Most of Your Money:

  1. bumscientist says:

    Don’t forget you can save an extra 3% with an credit card in addition to the $30 off on your first purchase.

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