It Pays to Fly on Tuesday or Wednesday

On the Southwest Airlines site, their Click n’ Save weekly specials has quite an enticing offer that will save airline passengers money if they’re willing to fly on a Wednesday or a Thursday. They are basically offering flights for $49-$99 each way as long as you meet the following requirements:

– travel on a Tuesday or a Wednesday

– book at least 14 days in advance before January 21, 2008

– travel between January 10 and May 8, 2008 (with applicable blackout days)

You can play this deal in a few ways:

a) Think ahead early about what you want to do during spring break and plan some nice cross country trips for only $99 each way. I just checked and you can buy tickets from San Diego to New York for $99 each way. If you were to drive the 2,800 miles to get from SD to NY in a car that provides 22 mpg at $3/gallon on average, you would end up spending over $380 each way plus endless hours of driving cross country. Why pay $740 round-trip driving when you can fly on Southwest Airlines and spend less than $200 and get there in less than 10 hours?

b) If you have previously booked Southwest Airline plane tickets in the past few months at higher prices, just go to the Southwest site to change your air reservation to the lower prices and get a credit for the difference to be applied to another flight. Be careful to use your credits before the expiration date. Credits will expire one year from the date of the original purchase.

c) Even if you don’t know if you will be able to make a flight for vacation or visiting family, it might be worth it to just buy it anyways, just in case. If you are able to go on the trip during a given weekend or week, then you’ll have a cheap flight to go. If you aren’t able to go, just sell the credit on Ebay and you can generally recoup 85-90% of your money. Or if you don’t want to lose any of the money spent on the ticket, just give the credit to a friend or family member.

With oil prices testing the $100 limit again, it is very nice to have the option of traveling across country for a mere $99. While I wouldn’t buy Southwest (LUV) stock, I wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of cheap flights.


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