Buying Things Online

I have refined shopping online to a few easy steps. First, I have Ben’s Bargains, Sickdeals, Woot, Techbargains and Dealnews all on RSS feed in a folder on my bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. That way I can browse through all the deals with only one mouse click.

Keeping Up With Latest Deals

Ben’s Bargains – Lists deals from big reputable vendors. This is my favorite site since it lists items most relevant to me; mostly technology items, but there are other items such as jewelry.

Slickdeals – Lists a few really good deals. This site is excellent for knowing about really great deals.

Woot – Sells one item a day usually. The item can be refurbished or slightly old technology. On special days, woot-offs, they keep selling a single item until they run out of stock. Some fanatics just buy some lackluster items to move on to better stuff. The most sought after item is a bag of crap, which may contain anything. To date there has only been one item I wished to purchase from woot, and it was 66% off the next lowest I could find elsewhere.

Techbargains – Lists technology related deals.

Dealnews – Lists general deals.


Those sites above are for finding out about deals, but usually you have something in mind that you wish to purchase. You can keep checking the deals sites to see if your item goes on sale or you can use price comparison tools if you need to buy it now.

Pricegrabber – good for finding prices from many internet vendors, but the merchants might not all be reputable.

Bigwords – Finds the lowest cost option for purchasing books, DVDs, CDs, Video Games.

I also check fatwallet to see if the specific store has any coupon codes.

Fatwallet – good for finding the historically lowest ever price on a product such as digital cameras on Forums are a wealth of information, but many of deals are hard to get. Fatwallet has a program that shares affiliate revenue with you, so you can save even more money.

Books, Movies, Music and Video Games

I use Bigwords for comparison shopping. Then Marketplace and explicitly since their prices are usually the lowest because you are buying from another person who is trying to undercut the next person. Great for buying used textbooks. Marketplace – Buy new and used from other people. Just click on the buy new and used link. – You can also buy sell movies, video games and CDs. Now owned by eBay (EBAY).

Yourmusic – This is a music subscription site much like the 12 CDs for the price of 1 BMG club advertisements, but you can cancel anytime and buy only what you want. You fill up a queue of CDs and they send you one every month. Just remember to keep your queue full.


For electronics such as monitors, printers, cameras, Dell and Amazon are pretty good. For computer parts, I check the price on Newegg and pricegrabber to find the lowest price. There have been rumors of a Newegg IPO for many years, but nothing has yet to materialize.

Newegg – Large computer part retailer based in Southern California with warehouses position across the country, so they can ship anything to you within 3 days. They might not always have the lowest price, but their prices are very reasonable or the next lowest price. Their service and turn around time is excellent.

Dell – They periodically rotate their deals, so you will have to wait to get the lowest price. Be aware that they charge tax in some areas and you can often get free shipping. For an added bonus you can buy a one-time use coupon on eBay. (AMZN) is my favorite website because there is no sales tax since I am not a Washington State resident and they often have free shipping. When you add an item to your cart and move it to buy later, every time you check your cart you will be notified if the price has changed. This is a good way to find out when they lower the price of an item you don’t immediately need, so you can buy it at the cheapest price. If you sign up for an credit card, they will give you $30 and 3% back on purchases and 1% back on all other purchases. For reoccurring purchases, has a subscribe and save program that gives you an extra 15% off. This usually makes their prices the lowest. If I don’t know what specific item I want to buy, I check on and use Savvygraph.

Savvygraph – Plots the rating and number of reviews for items from This allows you to see at a glance the popular opinion of a variety of products. For example if you’re looking for a DVD player or a new HDTV.

Go forth and save.


One Response to Buying Things Online

  1. haystackfarmer says:

    Don’t forget that there is a Wine Woot and a Shirt Woot that can be found on Woot’s home page. There are new shirts generally everyday and the wine woot deals are weekly. I don’t buy wine but I can imagine that wine people would love to check it out for some good wine deals every so often.

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