Want Updates? Try RSS Feeds

How do you get notified of the latest and greatest investment articles without visiting happyinvestor.wordpress.com everyday? The solution is to subscribe to the RSS Feeds. If you haven’t noticed before, there are links to the RSS Feeds in the “meta” side panel. RSS stands for really simple syndication, so it must be easy. For our purposes it is a list of links and descriptions of those links. When an article gets published this list gets updated with a link to the new article. The ease of use comes from the many ways to read RSS without opening your web browser.

Here is a CNET article about reading RSS.

You can subscribe to RSS in your

  1. web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)
  2. web-based e-mail account (Yahoo, Gmail)
  3. e-mail program (Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail)
  4. hand-held device (PSP, iPhone)
  5. standalone desktop application
  6. desktop widgets

I know some of you are already using RSS Feeds to get updates. Any suggestions about other/better methods are welcomed. I hope this will save people time while keeping them informed. Feel free to subscribe to RSS on other websites too.


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