2007 Tax Returns and Economic Stimulus Package

Taxes are due in a month on April 15, 2008 unless you file for an extension. You can check if you need to file by taking a look at the IRS website here. There are some people who normally would not need to file a tax return, but should file one this year to get your economics stimulus package. To get your $600 ($1200 for married couples and $300 extra for each child under 17) rebate, you need:

  1. a valid SSN
  2. at least $3,000 in income
  3. to file a 2007 tax return

A Side Note

Keep in mind that it is the after tax gains that count when you’re investing. It doesn’t help to make a lot of money one way and have the government take it all. It pays to learn about all the ways to pay less tax.


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