Saving Money: Buying a Car

Buying a car is like walking across a field of land mines. Every step you take could blow you pieces. At first I laughed off the opening of the fool’s article on buying a car, which states “Don’t Do It”. A car is a heavily depreciating asset much like a computer. The computer actually helps you create value, but a car is simply a means of transportation. People want luxuries, which add to the cost of the car. Do you really want to be spending all your time in your car? I’d much prefer digging a hole for a koi pond or taking a hike to shoot wildlife than driving behind someone on the freeway for long periods of time. The only time when driving is fun is at the track with track cars, which are stripped down to pure performance like the Lotus Exige or Ariel Atom. Those cars are all about price to performance ratio unlike the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s that rich boobs buy as status symbols. Before moving up to track cars I recommend that people start with karting. I’d rather spend 30 minutes in discomfort driving a kart than hours in comfort on the freeway getting to a job to help pay for my expensive car. The biggest mistake people make is buying beyond their means.

Car sharing program like CityCarShare and ZipCar are alternatives to buying a car if you don’t drive a lot.

If you’re really set on buying a car, all hope is not lost since there is the Internet to help you. I found to be very helpful.


  • Get all the quotes you can
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away
  • Be ever vigilant

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