5 Ways to Save in Las Vegas

1) Be Entertained and See Cirque du Soleil

Save 35% on Cirque Du Soleil tickets on select shows throughout the summer ending on September 30, 2008. Shows offering this 35% discount are Mystere (Treasure Island), Ka (MGM Grand), and Zumanity (New York New York). I’m watching Ka in July with a couple of family members which yielded a $125 in savings. In order to get the 35% discount, you need to buy the tickets online and cannot purchase over the phone. If you would like better seats, calling the appropriate casino box office will yield better seats for the regular admission price than what is offered online. Be aware that not all days are available and I assume a limited number of tickets are offered at this 35% off regular price.

2) Travel on Slower Days

Traveling to Vegas on Sunday through Thursday will ensure that you get a better bang for your buck when looking for hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Looking at Excalibur’s hotel prices, rates on Friday and Saturday nights run two to three times the price of any other nights of the week. For the summertime, $111-$121 are the average going rates for Friday/Saturday nights with two queen beds compared to $41-$51 rates from Sunday to Thursday nights. Gas prices are averaging $4.22 in Las Vegas and airline tickets are getting more expensive.  So to offset the rising transportation costs to Vegas finding more affordable living accommodations should do the trick.

3) Find a Hotel off the Strip

If you really must stay in Vegas on a Friday or Saturday night, you can stay on the Las Vegas Strip at Excalibur or Circus Circus (not recommended) for over $110/night or a more classy hotel like at Wynn Casino Resort for over $310/night. Or…you can stay in the downtown Las Vegas area a few miles away from the Las Vegas Strip where you can find affordable and comfy hotels even on the weekends. The California Hotel will run you only $50-$60 on the peak nights and as low as $40 on the middle of the week days. You likely shouldn’t be sleeping too much while you’re in Sin City so take advantage of a comfortable room in the downtown Las Vegas area at dirt cheap prices.

4) Free Things for the Entire Family

Instead of doing things for cheap, why not do them for free as mentioned in a CNBC article? Some free activities include strolling the streets of Paris, viewing the dancing fountains at Bellagio, or visiting the wildlife habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas.

5) Cheap Eats

If you can’t afford the $25 buffets or the fancy restaurants that Las Vegas offers (and there are plenty of them), you can always settle for some truly cheap eats. Get ideas for cheap buffets, deli food, late night specials, or sit down style meals. Hopefully some of these places will fit into your itinerary and you can save some money and shift that extra cash to gamble away or pay for gas to get back home.

Have happy times in Las Vegas, save in style, and try to act like oil isn’t $130 per barrel.


2 Responses to 5 Ways to Save in Las Vegas

  1. bumscientist says:

    How about not gambling?

  2. haystackfarmer says:

    Gambling is a huge part of why a lot of people go to Vegas. Maybe something like “going into a casino with a gambling cash budget and leave your credit card in the hotel room to ensure no temptations will sway you to gamble unnecessary funds.” Most people should have enough common sense to know what their budget allows them to spend.

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