BART Tickets Can Be Cheap

For the 365,000 people that use BART every weekday to work (and to travel through the Bay Area), BART tickets need to be bought.  For a trip from Hayward to San Francisco, you’re looking at a fare of $4.30 each way and it costs even more if a longer distance is traveled.  Buying a BART ticket is a necessity for BART travelers just like gas is a necessity for people who want to drive their car or motorcycle.  The trick I’ve found lately is that even though it’s something that everyone needs, everyone doesn’t need to pay full price.  Matter of fact, if you search on Craigslist, you will find many instances of BART tickets at 75-81% of the original value for sale.

I’ve recently bought many $48 BART tickets for $38 cash (79% of original value) and have easily found $64 BART tickets for $54 (84% of original value).  Of course, it also makes even more sense if you work/live in an area that is close proximity to where these tickets are being sold.  I work in the SF financial district where a lot of these tickets are usually offered.  It’s an even better deal when you can buy an allotment of 3-6 BART tickets at the same time and possibly offer to buy all of them at a further discounted price.

The question is “how can people sell BART tickets for less than the printed value of the ticket?”  The answer I’ve formulated is that a lot of companies in the bay area encourage their employees to use public transporation and offer them BART tickets or vouchers for BART tickets (probably with pre-tax money), and for whatever reason, these people end up driving anyway or do not use the entire allotment in a given time frame.  Therefore, they are left with an excess amount of BART tickets and would prefer to turn into the tickets into hard cash.  These people are looking to obtain cash to spend on other things instead of hoarding a surplus of BART tickets since they should still be receiving tickets or vouchers in the future through their work place.  Other people’s “loss” is your gain so take advantage of the people who want to exchange their BART tickets into cash and do you both a favor.  A golden opportunity for Bay Area Rapid Transit riders to get “free” money!!!!


3 Responses to BART Tickets Can Be Cheap

  1. korntee says:

    another way people can afford to sell for less than they are worth, is because the tickets were paid for with stolen credit cards. this happen to my girlfriend last friday. A thief picked her pocket, and within about an hour had purchased over $1000 in bart tix on 3 credit cards. These cards can be traced by the police and cancelled by BART, so be careful who you buy from.

  2. Josh says:

    I tried to help out a homeless man at powell bart station when I used to take bart to work down there, I paid him 8 bucks for a 10 dollar ticket and he even proved to me that the card worked. A week later i found out that the card was cancelled and the bart station worker told me it was from a stolen credit card. If you do buy a used bart ticket from someone else, Make sure it is a company and not a sketchy or suspicious person.

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