Saving Money: Big Screen TV

The big ticket item this holiday season is a big screen TV. It is the perfect time to buy a new TV with a digital over-the-air TV tuner in anticipation of the February switch over from analog TV to digital TV. There should be many bargains to be found right before Christmas as retailers are struggling in this economy. Definitely shop around and do your homework when making your big decision, but there are some additional things you should think about.

Paying for your television does not stop after you leave the checkout line. You still need to pay for electricity, which will only get more expensive as time goes on. There are several ways to figure out the energy consumption of your television. There is the listed power consumption for the manufacturer, but how can you be sure that the actual power consumption will be the same. Most manufacturers overestimate the power consumption to err on the safe side. The actual power consumption may be quite a bit less. You can test the power consumption yourself with a handy power meter, such as P3’s Kill-A-Watt. Someone did this with their monitors and found some interesting results. For more televisions, CNet has a handy HDTV power consumption comparison chart. But for more recent televisions, Crutchfield tests the power consumption of televisions makes this available information on their website.


  • Replace CRT computer monitors with LCDs, since they use about half the power.
  • CRT computer monitors use about twice the power of CRT televisions.
  • CRT and LCDs use amount of power for the same sized for televisions.
  • Plasmas use about 3 times as much power as a LCD
  • Projection TVs, such as the Laser TV, use the least amount of power

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