Review: Motorola Z9 Cell Phone

I’ve had the Motorla Z9 phone with an AT&T plan for about 7 months now, and I’ve had a great chance to see the downfalls and highlights of this Motorola slider phone.   In my seven years of having a cell phone, I’ve been able to have experienced Sprint, Verizon, and now AT&T.  I’m a big believer in not paying hundreds of dollars for a cell phone so I usually just try to get a free one from the store or sign up for a two year plan on Amazon and get it for cheap (or free in this case back in August 2008).

The Motorola Z9 is a sturdy slide phone with a nice mahogany color, easily distinguishable keypad to navigate through menus, great volume control, and good overall functionality.  There are a number of improvements that I would like to see Motorola add on, but even though I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with my first slider phone, it is not a terrible phone either.  At about .6 inches think and 5 ounces heavy, this compact phone can easily fit into your pocket,  and I’ve dropped it numerous times on the concrete ground, but the Motorola Z9 has been able to withstand some of those accidents.

Cellular Service

I’m not sure if this is the service of AT&T or Motorola’s (MOT) wireless technology but I have had more dropped calls with this phone than any of my two previous flip phones.  These dropped calls occur even in normal locations like a home or outside in an open area.   I would rank Verizon (VZ) first with Sprint (S) and AT&T (T) tied for second.

Battery Life

The battery life is terribly disappointing as I notice that it gets to low battery status rather quickly.  Cnet rates the talk time at 240 minutes talk time or 312 hours of standby time.  I would more realistically say that the talk time is more like 180 minutes with a 72 hour standby time.  The battery also seems to get overly warm during normal usage.

Extra Features

The features on the Z9 is everything that someone would like for a phone without a data plan.  Whether you’re talking about a 2 megapixel camera phone with decent quality photos, bluetooth compatibility, mp3 music playing ability, a slot for a micro SD card, and a queued history of the last 120 calls.  You can sort your list of calls by incoming and outgoing calls but not by solely missed calls.

Additional Improvements

The “go online” button above the green “talk button” can easily be accidentally pushed (when trying to make a call) which causes unnecessary data fees.  After a couple months of frustration, I figured out a solution to ensure that the “go online” button will never cause you any distress:

1) Press the Menu key
Scroll down and select Settings
Scroll down and select Security
Scroll down and select Lock Application
Enter access code (default is 1234 I think) & select “WebAccess” to lock and press OK

Overall Grades

Battery Life: D+
Functionality: A-
Durability: A
Photo Quality: B
Cellular Service: C
Overall Cell Phone Rating: B-


One Response to Review: Motorola Z9 Cell Phone

  1. JimR says:

    I thought might z9 batt was getting bad so I got a new on bx50 high capicity and it isn’t any better about a hour and it is about dne

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