Robinhood (part 2): Democratizing Access to the Financial Markets

February 7, 2015

Elaine's Idle Mind


I love that Robinhood allows me to flip stocks on the toilet.

I used to do all my trading through Interactive Brokers, but its secure login system required that I be tethered to a desktop.

With Robinhood, I place orders with a thumb swipe. With a sufficiently volatile stock, I can make or lose a few pennies every time I visit the bathroom, which is about 76 times a day because I have issues.

So cool.


I used to think that maybe the financial markets shouldn’t be quite so democratized, maybe stock-picking should be reserved for sophisticated investors. Who am I kidding? Individual stock traders suck no matter what brokerage we use.

Retail investors like me are dumb. Well maybe you’re a special snowflake who consistently beats the market, but retail investors as a whole are uninformed traders who underperform the market. Wall Street calls us wealthy hobbyists.


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